Be it the Life Coaching, Business Coaching or Executive Coaching, we can add stupendous value to our clients, through this path-finding model. I am sure you are aware that, practically everyone who have made really big in life had a coach, formal or informal.

They could be the Nav-Ratnas of Emperor Akbar or Prof Ramcharan for Jack Welch or Ramakant Aachrekar for Sachin Tendulkar.

People have gained immensely, both by speed and clarity by the sheer presence of a Coach.

Coaching is to facilitate positive change in an individual by improving the thinking process.

“Inquire Within!” is what Gautam Buddha had discovered. Coaching is all about helping people think better and different, and to find out for themselves the route to greater heights in the desired domains of life.

It is a synthesis of being a Mentor who believes in you and helps you set inspiring goals; a Manager, who breaks the goals into logical steps; a Personal Trainer, who keeps you on the path and a Sports Coach who gives you a perspective to do different and better.

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